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What Should IB’S Look for On-Boarding Clients

June 20, 2019

As online trading gains more and more traders from the retail community, the competition gets tougher between brokerage houses. Every Forex broker runs commercials in the online environment, but not only.

Traditional marketing is used to promote brokerage houses too. Just have a look at significant soccer teams around the world, and the chances are that one of the sponsors, if not the main sponsor, is a Forex broker. Premier League in the United Kingdom is a good example, as almost every team partnered with a currency broker.

It isn’t a surprise because Forex trading appeals mostly to men, so popular men sports are a target. But traditional marketing is very expensive and bites a big chunk from a brokerage house’s budget.

Therefore, brokers use adjacent tools to attract the right traffic to their services. One such tool is affiliate marketing.

An introducing broker acting on behalf of the brokerage house is a cheaper solution to traditional marketing. Moreover, the leads produced are more accurate and of more use to the Forex broker, as they represent people with a genuine interest in Forex.

Affiliates’ main focus is to increase the relevant traffic to their online business to generate accurate leads for on-boarding on the Forex broker’s website. One way is to create specific landing pages that collect the email addresses of potential clients.

After creating the page and making it live, part of the affiliate promotion is to advertise the page and send some paid traffic. During the affiliate program, affiliates use campaigns on various search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing), social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) to promote the landing page.

Not any traffic is good, but only the relevant one. To filter it, the advertising campaigns focus on people with a genuine interest in currency trading, how to trade the Forex market, what is a pip, how to make a profit in online trading, and so on.

Once everything in place, the introducing broker needs a budge to invest. The aim is to collect as many emails possible and part of that traffic to redirect to the Forex broker’s website via direct linking.

Also with the same emails collected (a.k.a. leads), an IB builds email lists to target via email marketing. Mass marketing is an excellent way of staying in contact with potential clients and communicate news, promotions, deals, a new offer on the broker’s website, and so on.

What’s even more interesting is that email marketing gives the IB the possibility to see exactly who opened the email, what links were clicked, where the traffic went, and so on. With the hot leads known, it is even easier to send a follow-up email marketing campaign as an IB, with a much higher probability of on-boarding clients on the broker’s website.


The IB needs the full range of digital marketing tools in his/her intent to on-boarding clients on the broker’s website. Online marketing is a full-time job, and a great IB should master the field so that it introduces relevant leads and increases the income stream.

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