Trader room

  • Fully supportive trader room
  • Easy access and management from end-clients
  • Providing a value of control to traders
  • Easy support and management from broker side
  • Trader has full capacity of management
  • Activity data and funding channels in-order to sustain their accounts.

Trade history

Pre-integrated trader room, no need for manual setup, a fully functional trader room system deployed in seconds.

Financial management

Full financial management, whether its deposit, withdrawal, trading p&l  or fund transfer , a valuable module for valuable traders, everything is provided within

Account management

Management capability built within, a potential which clients seek, whether its a demo or a live account, take control of all accounts.


Truly unique support, giving the ability of multiple channel support, phone, ticket and chat provided in one platform, eliminating any excuse given.

IB & affiliate

Any trader is a potential IB or affiliate marketer, designed to elevate any broker within a low time frame, a client and a marketer at the same time.


A system designed for supporting clients, giving each client the awareness of their daily accounts and transfers at any given time.

Powerful advantages of trader room

Payment methods

Multiple payment methods provided, a client has multiple payment channels in order to fund and withdrawal accounts at ease.


Security protocols in place, by using Apexum security, your brokerage advantage of assigning security roles for users,  level permission, and suite restriction to users.

Financial methods

Financial management at hand, easy withdrawal and deposit in real and demo accounts, financial analytics on daily bases for sustaining client accounts.


IB and affiliate programs provided, a true innovative and supportive program, providing any business the value it deserves through success driven by client collaboration.

Powerful trader room to suite every brokers needs

Demo for start-up brokers

Acquire access through self service demo

Demo for high-volume brokers

A demo is scheduled for enterprise high-volume brokers