Partner, IB, affiliate network

  • Full capability and innovation placed in one marketing network
  • Have the power to elevate your business with a simple yet brilliant affiliate/IB network
  • A platform that provides more than just affiliate/IB engagement
  • Implement your marketing strategy with lower cost.


Automated integration, no need for manual setup, a fully functional affiliate/ IB system deployed in seconds.


Multi-program setup, whether  its commission structure model or payout model , everything is provided within.


Deploy assets, emails, banners, landing pages or direct links, every asset has its unique value proposition.


Easy affiliate recruitment through various channels, email, banner, and social recruitment, with easy login and management, as well as  a full reporting system.

Multi-level marketing (MLM)

A unique system for multilevel marketing, expand, grow and recruit affiliates/ ibs through affiliates/ibs, a true definition of optimization and growth.


A system designed for elevating brokers, having the capability of reporting effective statistics and data , a capability built to analyze every aspect of a business in a single dashboard.

Marketing features


Increase site backlinks and rank



Add exchange at no cost



Build an email sequence to  attract and engage


Landing pages

Convert leads at minimum cost

Powerful advantages of affiliate network

Asset management

Easy-fast-reliable asset deployment and management,  a module made to ease a broker, have management control and connectivity to other systems.

Conversion data

Reliable analytics and data, giving the advantage of tracking and data feeding, designed for different marketing channels depending on marketing strategy and conversion rate goals.


Security protocols in place, by using Apexum security, your brokerage advantage of assigning security roles for users,  level permission and suite restriction to users.


Multi-market model, a true innovative structural program, providing any business the value it deserves through success driven by affiliate collaboration.

Powerful affiliate network to suite  every brokers needs

Demo for start-up brokers

Acquire access through self service demo

Demo for high-volume brokers

A demo is scheduled for enterprise high-volume brokers