Technology suite

Custom developed cloud solution, designed to provide each brokerage the essentials of control

  • CRM capability for a streamlined business.
  • Partnership for elevating business client base.
  • Financial operations
  • Full management and business optimization
  • Full reporting capability
  • Administration
  • Back-office for company internal and external

Customer relationship management (CRM)

Elevate your business with Apexum CRM, manage leads and clients, control demo and live accounts, keep track of client registration and optimize conversion rate while keeping records of all company funding.


Leads/ client registration/ demo/real accounts funding/withdrawal requests transactions compliance/KYC operations


client inquiries client follow up partner registrations activities admin/user roles user operations


Sales/engagement  credit/debit system multi-report calendar client positions business administration


business management partner/ affiliate introducing broker (IB) financial flows marketing

Partner Network

Increase your client base with Apexum marketing platform, by providing multiple commission models and marketing tools to enable greater presence and conversion in the market.


User flow affiliate registration process real-time ad-server management multiple commission model options anti-fraud design through detailed reporting system banner statistics reports/clicks/views/ctr/conversion rate full commission details/payment history comprehensive filtering options



Analytics full key metrics/graphical representation client analytics/sub-affiliates marketing tools/tracking links/banners/landing pages finance modules/all banking coordination and payments comprehensive reporting system

Trader Cabinet

Fully custom made trader area to suite each  brokerage clients, with the ability to track,  administrate and communicate, the trader  area is a central hub made to eliminate any  communication boundaries.

Client terminal

Create demo account create live account upload KYC documents deposits withdrawals multi-account fund transfer trading platform download support multiple payment methods


Broker terminal

Verify account details accept/decline application manage client account manage funds compliance/KYC processing real-time activit

Payment methods