Forex Brokerage Financial Plan

November 22, 2019

Forex Brokerage Financial Planning:

Capital Requirements:

A Forex Brokerage needs to understand and priorities his finance’s, a Brokerage must securitize their timeframe for 1 to 2 months in order to operate and reach their Break-Even Point (BEP), in order to do so a Forex Brokerage must implement different procedures such as separating their financials into operating expenses and trading expenses, these expenses must be subjected to financial procedure’s and reporting to higher managerial personal in a daily manner.


Capital: Must be sufficient in order to establish a Brokerage Firm.

Assets: Must be provided to employee use.

Operational Expenses: Must be revised in order to forecast and maintain a Brokerage Stability.

Technology Lease: Must be revised and researched in order to maintain operational expenses.

Revenue: Must be forecasted and studied in order to maintain Brokerage stability.

Profit: Must be revised in order to sustain and develop company based on profit percentage going to Brokerage development.


Apexum has provided a Financial Plan for public use in order to provide each individual seeking to establish a Forex Brokerage an advantage of elevating a Brokerage with a high understandability of their financial procurements:

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