Enterprise package for established brokerages. Elevating brokers through enterprise technology, superiour services and advanced tools.

Path to broker success

Internation expansion


Digital transformation


Empower and revolutionize your brokerage while reducing cost, advanced tools for inner connectivity, providing efficient and effective management,  streamlined processes and zero accountable errors, utilize detailed reporting for essential insights to intensify your growth


Apexum enterprise technology, flexibility, simplicity and empowerment , allow you to craft a brokerage for any industry or customer segment. Sharing one platform for all your businesses needs, increasing your efficiency, reducing costs, set to make a better bottom line for your business


Seizing international market through timing, speed and agility.Technology built in multi-site architecture, vitalizing your business with anticipation of market shifts, and capitalizing your brokerage with new developments


Expand, grow and sustain your brokerage with one platform, reduce cost while increasing business capacity, a capability passed on from Apexum to your business

Increase Roi, decrease cost stance of growth, defiance of boundaries

Increase profit

Grow your brokerage by reinvesting money spent on technology to marketing and sales, focus your business on customer segmentation and retention, Apexum will support and maintain your technology and upgrade your it.

Less cost

Cutting your business cost on hardware, maintenance,  development,  platform acquisition, administration and management, decreasing risk of loss and sustain  your revenue.

Technology built to thrive integrating your brokerage to scale

Apexum enterprise features allows your brokerage to integrate today and grow tomorrow,  with the ability to scale in higher presence, your brokerage will be aimed in a trajectory of  growth while reducing cost, a capability of supreme efficiency and effectiveness, a supply of  features that surpasses your business demands.

Pre-built integration

Acquire momentum by adopting a natively connected suite, providing back-office, crm, partner/ affiliate/ib network and a trader area as a core, plus multiple features such as marketing automation tools and many more


Reliable automation, giving the advantage of efficient operations and processes ,designed for different departments depending on company’s strategy and business model.

Powerful API

Transfer data in real-time with your trading platform, having the ability of being up to date with your traders through  data interchange from your trading platform, acquire multiple information such as funding, trading, payments and more.


Security protocols in place, by using Apexum suite security features, having the advantage of assigning security roles for users, level permission, and suite restriction to users.

Trading platform for traders ease

Managed platforms

Invite your traders while worrying free of your platform administration, management, support and risk, by having a capable team handling your platform needs 24/5

Ready integration

Integrated into technology suite, having the ability and ease of accessibility, reporting and management of your platform through your suite, 2 platforms acting as one


A competence of deploying, managing, and accessing your brokerage while Apexum takes care of the rest, a back to back operation, your time committed to your brokerage, Apexum will support administer and assure your platform, while your brokerage scales.

All features in one


All in one suite

Advance in your industry by supreme technology, manage administrate and operate your business through one solution.

Managed trading platform

Back to back, running and maintaining your platform at ease, administrating and managing your platform.

Financial coverage

An intermediary of success, providing multiple services, liquidity, and more for your brokerages advancement.

One platform for all your channels

Multiple channel conversion

An enterprise platform that is equipped with features integrated to multiple marketplaces, social media, sales, marketing, analytics and more.

Manage broker channels

Apexum channel manager, an innovative multi-channel solution to suite your brokerage needs, process all sales, compliance and funding from a single location, with automated trading platform syncing, all features in one.

Manage internal channels

Pre-integrated multi-platforms in one, trader area, partner/affiliate/IB network, backoffice, CRM and more in one suite, your internal communications centralized in one platform, visibility of your operations.

Advanced corporate solutions

Financial service

Settle for supreme service, whether its a brokerage setup such as PSP, banking, payment gateway or liquidity, we cover it all for your business.

Regulation and licensing

Considering to expand and show a higher image is a core for every successful business, your brokerage licensing and registration into differentiated markets is a relianced process in Apexums core.

24/7 supreme support

A supreme support dedicated to each broker, Apexum stance in your brokerage growth, risk management, whitelabel administration and management, keeping your brokerage ahead.

Choose your path to forex success

International expansion

Multi-channel sales/engagement

Technology transformation