What are landing pages?

June 22, 2016

Internet is evolving day after day, and styles change. Everyday there are new marketing options and strategies too. Therefore, in this article we will explain more about Landing Pages and why they are used by online marketers. Landing Page is the place where visitors stay to make an action, and then they leave it quickly after the completion of their action. It is separated from the main page of the site and the site as a whole. It stimulates people to act in a certain way in which it generates leads or it acquires customers.

Conversion rate in landing pages

It reflects visitors’ interaction with the offer made, and it takes them to the targeted process. It is calculated mathematically through dividing the number of responses by the number of visitors who came to that particle landing page.
Conversion rate = (number of registered visitors / total number of visitors) * 100%

CR = (Leads / Total Traffic) * 100%

If the number of users who visited the landing page is 50,000 visitors through your campaign, and the registered are 3500, then the conversion rate will be as it follows:
CR = (3500/50000) * 100% = 7%
So the conversion rate = 7%

The conversion rate – in useful terms – measures the success of the campaign which you launch for your product or service. Further, it reflects the success of your product / service in the market indirectly.

What are the types of landing pages?

There are two main types of landing pages:

1. Lead Generation landing pages
2. Click Through landing pages

It is true that the main purpose of both types is similar, in which they aim to generate leads and increase sale, however, different tactics are used to achieve those goals.
1. Lead Generation landing pages: It targets visitor’s attraction and it directs them towards registration. This page is usually simple and it only contains only the marketing message that tend to be brief.
2. Click Through landing pages: Some marketers are spending thousands of dollars on PPC campaigns to direct visitors to the product’s home page in the hope that they may like their products. Click Through landing pages are an evident that supports this claim, because their purpose is to stimulate visitors to make the purchase decision.

Finally, the techniques that can be used to increase the efficiency and the amount of conversion rate for the landing Page will be yours when you start your campaigns and observe results such as visitors’ interaction.

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