3 ways to improve the quality of your site content

June 9, 2016

Website content is one of the most important things to be improved when you think about enhancing the quality of your website. This allows you to give your website visitors a better experience. The quality of content reflects the quality of your service or product in your visitors’ eyes. In addition, it enhances the appearance of the website in the search engines, and it gives your site the ability to have a better rank in the search engine’s organic results, especially Google. The quality of content can be improved by adding images, or videos that suit the textual theme.

Here are some effective ways to improve the quality of textual content:


In the textual content you need to use the best title that expresses your content theme. You must add the title in H1 Tag page in HTML programming and it is preferred not to use H2-3-4-5-6 tags, only one title on each page. The titles used by search engines to express the content of the page. It should be noted that the title needs to be attractive and clear.


Description is an important thing as well, especially because search engines display it in natural results. Therefore it is considered as a second line of attraction, and stimulate users to click on natural result of your site. Moreover, it should not exceeds 150 characters or it will be deducted by the search engine.


A word that expresses the text content on the page. It must be repeated in content of the page a 3-7 times, however; if you exceeded this limit it is likely to harm your site’s ranking in search engines. This would give an opposite result of the quality of the content.
These are the key elements of any site content, in which they improve the appearance of the website in search engines, and increase traffic to your page. In addition, you need an original content with a high quality content to match the requirements of hummingbird update by Google Inc.

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