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Sending Traffic to the Forex Affiliate Program – Main Points

June 20, 2019

A successful affiliate program to introduce a Forex broker needs an affiliate marketing strategy that stands out of the crowd. It is one thing to want to introduce traders to the broker, and an entirely different one to actually can.

As this is an online business, it all relates to the traffic sent to the Forex affiliate program. There are many ways to send traffic to such a program, and they all have a different cost.

As it happens, almost all affiliates have at least one website they use for funneling the traffic towards the Forex broker. Funneling is done using all the introducing broker tools that the Forex broker provides beforehand, for instance, banners of all types (static, dynamic).

The idea is to funnel part of the traffic coming to the affiliate website towards the Forex broker’s website. From there, the introducing agent can track the trader’s activity (what kind of account opened, if funds were deposited or not, the amount, the volume traded, and so on) and the commissions the broker needs to pay.

Apparently, not all traffic on a website converts. To have a successful website, it must, first of all, relate to the trading business.

Typically such websites offer brokers’ reviews, trading educational materials, or even signals for the currency market. The more popular they become, the bigger the traffic attracted and the bigger the affiliate business grows.

Part of the Forex affiliate marketing activity is to attract cheap, but quality traffic. After all, anyone can open a Google AdWords account and run some campaigns to promote the broker.

However, that’s an expensive affiliate promotion. As it turns out, the competition for the relevant keywords is quite high, resulting in elevated costs for similar keywords.

Moreover, new regulation makes it quite difficult to promote the activity of a Forex broker. In some cases, depending on the name of the website, it is strictly forbidden.

As such, affiliates are always on the search for alternative ways to drive traffic. While an affiliate promotion via paid advertising does work, it comes at a high cost.

Alternatives do exist, one being email marketing. Digital market evolved in the last years as a stand-alone business to promote online activities, and email marketing is a big part of it.

But this has high costs too, and it requires first to have a database to send the emails to. Typically the email marketing providers charge for the number of emails sent or the number of subscribers in a list.

Another way to build high-quality traffic is by doing proper SEO on the affiliate website. Forex trading SEO means building the meta-descriptions and meta-titles using Forex trading related keywords, as well as running a blog that uses similar keywords in headings as well as in the titles and meta-titles.

The entire SEO strategy should be built in such a way to avoid plagiarism and to promote the affiliate business. In the end, the search engines will reward hard work and well-organized websites with high-quality traffic and, more importantly, traffic that comes continuously.

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