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How to Choose the Best Affiliate Program

June 20, 2019

Online trading evolved as one of the major industries that attract numerous market players. Despite many people joining the online trading industry, there is still room for more.

The Internet penetrates still new places every single day, and millions and millions of people discover its usefulness. Inevitably, they’ll hear of Forex online trading and what it means to become a trader.

It is no wonder that the competition among brokerage houses is stiff. Nowadays, they all have an affiliate program and struggle to attract as many affiliates as possible.

What is an Affiliate?

An affiliate for Forex trading is a person or a company that introduces the brokerage houses’ services to other people interested in trading. In exchange, the Forex broker rewards the affiliate with an incentive (typically a commission based on the volume traded by the introduced client).

How to Choose a Forex Affiliate Program?

Naturally, brokerage houses compete in attracting the best affiliates to gain as many clients as possible. Therefore, it is important for an affiliate to know what to look for in an affiliate program, and how to choose the best affiliate program to generate the most income. Here are some things to consider:

  • Revenue
    • The way the income is generated is the most important part. Some brokers use an introducing broker program that pays a commission on the traded volume, but other variations exist, like being paid a flat rate for every client that open a trading account or even a hybrid option between a flat rate and a volume-based commission
  • Affiliate marketing tools
    • The brokerage houses compete in offering the best affiliate marketing for their network. They’ll put at affiliates’ disposal a range of marketing materials such as banners of all types and sizes (dynamic, static), landing pages that quickly convert, email marketing tools, and so on. Obviously, the brokerage house that offers the complete suite of tools is preferred.
  • Withdrawal options
    • Withdrawing the generated revenue used to be an issue as many times the brokerage houses offered affiliates a hard time. But competition changed everything, and serious houses cannot afford to delay payment or refuse it. Nowadays the broker offers many withdrawal options, with all the online payment gateways available.

The Forex affiliate marketing business attracted and still attracts many to the industry. The idea of having a constant income based on other people’s trading volume appeals to many.

But the industry is flooded with scammers. Unfortunately, the scamming takes place on the affiliate side, not on the broker’s side.

To benefit the most from an affiliate promotion, people are tempted to use all kind of strategies to get the bonus offered by the broker. For this reason, the costs with fighting scamming at the brokerage house end increased dramatically, at the industry’s detriment.


The best affiliate program is a combination between the right revenue system and the proper marketing tools. Finding them both is a challenge as the industry faces tough competition. However, many affiliates grew a tremendous business out of it, and with the growing number of traders joining the online trading environment, the potential will increase exponentially.

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