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Forex Affiliate Center – Marketing Tools to Be Used

June 17, 2019

The affiliate business in the Forex trading industry is a lucrative one for a simple reason: colossal potential to generate significant revenue due to the increased popularity of the online trading business.

Forex is the largest financial market in the world. The daily volume exceeds all other markets combined, reaching trillions of dollars every single trading day in a week, month, or year.

Because the currency pairs are quite volatile, the possibility exists to profit from their moves. After all, traders need to just be right on one thing: the market direction.

The simplicity of trading attracts a lot of Forex traders. As such, affiliates have plenty of leads to capture and redirect them to a Forex broker, basically becoming an introducing broker for a particular house.

The competition is stiff on the affiliate business industry too. A successful affiliate program must run appropriate marketing campaigns, structuring the resources used to attract new leads most innovatively and efficiently.

Some of the affiliate marketing tools to use by a Forex affiliate center are:

  • Email marketing
    • Affiliates build lists of leads as they collect emails and other data from various forms on websites and other landing pages
    • Lists are uploaded to a mass email marketing service provider (it comes as a cost, most of the times the cost is directly related to the number of subscribers in a list)
    • Affiliates send regular marketing campaigns highlighting the broker’s offering, promotions, spreads, technology, and so on
    • Email marketing services provide tracking facilities so that the potential client is followed all the way until the opening of a trading account on the Forex broker’s website
  • SEO
    • Ongoing SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a must for any serious Forex affiliate program
    • Its most significant advantage is that the organic traffic builds in time and is far more qualitative than traffic obtained otherwise
    • Affiliates generate content in the website’s blog/blogs by integrating keywords related to the trading activity
  • SEM
    • Search Engine Marketing is a quicker way to attract traffic to the website or landing page
    • Its biggest drawdown is that the competition is stiff for advertising on keywords related to the online trading industry
    • On the same lines, the traffic generated sometimes has a high bouncing rate, meaning that it doesn’t come from humans, but from bots or click farms. Hence, it has little or no use.

A successful affiliate program combines the three marketing tools in such a way to benefit the most from what they can offer. The budget, therefore, is split into equal parts, and then further divided in such a way that the traffic generated by the advertising efforts will convert, creating the much-needed income stream.

Any affiliate marketing campaign takes place in the online environment, so mastering digital marketing is key to the success of the affiliate program. Balancing the revenues and expenses is the secret ingredient that makes the difference between affiliates that succeed and the ones that still struggle to make a buck in such a competitive industry. 

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