E-Marketing tools – open source software

June 28, 2016

Open source programs are programs that are in the process of construction, modification and development. They allow you to take advantage of them free of charge or at a trivial price, and you can use them to fill the needs of your Start up business. Here, we will mention some of the useful open source software.

Many companies, the small ones in particular, are facing a big dilemma in the process of buying programs to help them manage the company. The reason is that these programs are very expensive for a small startup company, especially when entrepreneurs attempt to implement their ideas, and have a limited funding.

When starting a company most entrepreneurs will look for multiple programs that serve different sections (e.g. public relations (CRM), accounting, information technology, and other important sections) however, many of them may not be aware of the existence of programs that give the same results or better, at much lower cost.

Office software

Many of us do not realize that there are desktop programs that could replace Microsoft Office like OpenOffice, which offers the same software package for free.

E-mail and calendar services

There are several open source projects that can provide you with the internal e-mail service and writing emails to customers for free like Zimbra.

Marketing Programs

It is important for the company to know its customers in order to attract them through its ads, and provide them with an appropriate service or products, in addition to easy methods for payment, which facilitates purchasing online. For that, you can use programs, such as Zen Cart. And, for advertisements designs you can use GIMP program instead of Adobe Photoshop.

Financing Programs

You can use TurboCash program that offers you all accounting solutions, including credit & debt accounts, general ledger, control of stocks, VAT, billing, bank settlement, record budget, Account statement, and create reports. As well as, GnuCash program that allows you to track bank accounts, stocks, income and expenses.

These programs are very useful for small businesses, since the cost of these software are usually limited, so the budget of small businesses. Hence, they help entrepreneurs develop and expand their Ideas on a low cost.

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