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Forex Terminology

Forex Appendix – Forex Definitions: For the purposes of this document, and for an understanding of general industry terms, we have put together a list of terminology definitions: Brokerage = legal entity allowed to open customer accounts and collect customer money. Broker = an employee of the brokerage that is working with a customer. Introducing […]

22 November

Best Payout Models for Forex Affiliates – CPA, CPL, RS, P&L

Forex trading appeals to retail traders because of the enormous potential for generated an extra income. The online trading increased popularity gave birth to a new industry that generates excellent revenues: the affiliates industry. A Forex broker partners with various entities (either individuals or companies) in the race to attract as many traders possible. There […]

22 November

Forex Affiliate Center – Marketing Tools to Be Used

The affiliate business in the Forex trading industry is a lucrative one for a simple reason: colossal potential to generate significant revenue due to the increased popularity of the online trading business. Forex is the largest financial market in the world. The daily volume exceeds all other markets combined, reaching trillions of dollars every single […]

22 November

The Best Forex Affiliate Network Technology

Online Forex trading appeals to individuals seeking financial independence or an extra income besides the one generated by the day-to-day job. Because of that, Forex or foreign exchange attracts people of all walks of life. As an introducing broker for a brokerage house, one needs to have an affiliate marketing plan to attract these people. […]

22 November

Advantages of the Remarketing for Attracting Forex Affiliates

Remarketing refers to the marketing activity that addresses old leads, or former customers the affiliates want to “revive.” Therefore, remarketing for affiliates refers to the marketing strategy/strategies destined to stimulate clients that didn’t respond to old marketing campaigns. The best way to illustrate how remarketing works is to use the email marketing example. During email […]

22 November

What’s the Most Profitable Model for Forex Affiliates

Forex affiliates have many possibilities to choose from when associating with a Forex broker. Depending on the size of the affiliate business, the website, landing pages, social media presence, and so on, the Forex broker estimates the ability of the affiliate to sign in new clients. Therefore, the introducing broker can negotiate a better deal, […]

22 November