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The Best Forex Affiliate Network Technology

June 17, 2019

Online Forex trading appeals to individuals seeking financial independence or an extra income besides the one generated by the day-to-day job. Because of that, Forex or foreign exchange attracts people of all walks of life.

As an introducing broker for a brokerage house, one needs to have an affiliate marketing plan to attract these people. It’s not like there’s one type of client that suits online trading, but it is more of a trait (i.e., risk-taking attitude) that makes people risking their extra funds on the largest market in the world.

Affiliates know that in this business volume is everything. The more quality traders introduced, the better. For this reason, an affiliate promotion is more effective if it addresses to as many potential clients as possible. But how to handle a large volume of leads and how to classify them into hot or cold, for instance? One answer comes from using the appropriate affiliate program technology. Or, a CRM.

The acronym stands for Customer Relationship Management, and it refers to the process of handling the relationship and the interaction with current and potential customers. With the P.C. (Personal Computer) taking over our lives and making things more accessible, it is no wonder the best Forex affiliate program runs a CRM software.

Nowadays there are various plans from companies offering CRM. Depending on the number of potential clients to handle, the price for a CRM software ranges from a few tens of dollars a month to thousands.

A complete CRM technology follows the client from the moment it landed on the website until it completes the application for opening a live trading account with the Forex broker. The sale completes with the trader starting to open positions, and the commission is usually paid either at the trading account opening (CPA – Cost Per Acquisition) or during the trader’s lifetime activity with that particular brokerage house (revenue share).

In both cases, the CRM does an extraordinary job of providing various channels to interact with the potential trader. Here are some:

  • Chat options
    • Many CRM software allow the implementation of professional chat boxes on the affiliates’ websites so that the interaction with the client starts from the first visit. On top of that, the affiliates gather plenty of information like the geographical location, the email address, and almost all needed for remarketing or future email marketing campaigns.
  • Email marketing
    • The CRM allows the affiliate program to email to the entire list built. Moreover, the CRM allows segmentation in all possible way so that the targeting of customers follows the right path towards fast conversion.
  • Accounting capabilities
    • When affiliates use a CRM software, accounting is easier as the invoices are generated automatically with the condition that the sales pipeline is continuously updated
  • Multiple users interface
    • The CRM software is easily accessible by multiple users, and thus a growing affiliate business can split the roles of its employees in various departments, organizing the activity as any other regular business does.

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