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Forex Terminology

Forex Appendix – Forex Definitions: For the purposes of this document, and for an understanding of general industry terms, we have put together a list of terminology definitions: Brokerage = legal entity allowed to open customer accounts and collect customer money. Broker = an employee of the brokerage that is working with a customer. Introducing […]

22 November

Forex Brokerage Technology Requirements

Technology: Internal Technology: A Forex Brokerage Needs to have the capability to support its business and its Clients services, through technology a Forex Brokerage has the capability to achieve effectiveness and efficiency, a thorough research was done to provide the relevant information below, this information will be illustrated to fully aware Apexum’s client’s of the […]

22 November

Starting a Forex Brokerage

Starting a Brokerage   Business Model: Forex Brokerage business model is segmented into different factors, there are:   Straight Through Processing Broker (STP)   Electronic Communications Network Broker (ECN)   These Foreign Exchange Brokerage’s are usually referred to as Non-Dealing Disk Brokers.   Straight Through Processing (STP): Definition: Straight through processing (STP): A procedure that […]

22 November

What Is Forex Trading Market ?

Forex Market: 1.1 Market Size: Forex Market is a highly liquid, decentralized market, where it exceeds on average $5.3 Trillion USD per day in total trading, Forex Market consists of two tiers: The Interbank and wholesale market, and client or retail market: Approximately 39% of transactions were strictly Interdealer (i.e. interbank). Approximately 53% of transactions […]

22 November

Forex Affiliate Marketing – Attracting Forex Audience with the SMM Channel

SMM or Social Media Marketing is an essential component of today’s marketing efforts of an affiliate business to generate relevant, high-quality leads. Like it or not, the social media is part of our everyday lives, and its influence is growing by the day.   The last few years saw the social media companies developing advertising […]

22 November