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Advantages of the Remarketing for Attracting Forex Affiliates

June 20, 2019

Remarketing refers to the marketing activity that addresses old leads, or former customers the affiliates want to “revive.” Therefore, remarketing for affiliates refers to the marketing strategy/strategies destined to stimulate clients that didn’t respond to old marketing campaigns.

The best way to illustrate how remarketing works is to use the email marketing example. During email marketing, the affiliates receive a report for each campaign sent.

The report covers various aspects like the number of emails sent, the number of emails opened, how many receivers clicked on links inside the email, on what links, and so on. Also, it shows if a potential lead chose to unsubscribe and general information about the activity.

Later, after some time passes, the introducing broker may decide to address the same email list again. Several options exist:

  • Email the entire list again and compare the outcome with the previous email campaign
  • Send the campaign only to the respondents that opened the last email
  • Send it to the ones that didn’t open the first email campaign
  • Only target the ones that clicked (i.e., the ones that showed an interest, but the activity didn’t convert into a sale).

An affiliate marketing campaign that uses email marketing as the base for its digital marketing efforts automatically uses remarketing. By targeting and retargeting the same or old leads, it reminds people that the offer is still available, it stimulates the visiting of the broker’s website or highlights a new, more promising and exciting campaign.

The mass email example used so far is only meant to show the advantages of remarketing and how it functions. However, remarketing doesn’t refer only to mass email, but to the entire affiliate promotion campaign.

To build a strong affiliate business that generates revenues continually, diversification is key. Diversification refers to both the way to attract the potential leads (i.e., how to spend the budget between various channels) and the payout type agreed with the broker.

Speaking of the payout type, there’s not mandatory to be only one, as there’s not compulsory for an affiliate to work with only one broker. In fact, many affiliate websites introduce much more than one broker, in some cases over ten brokers or more.

Remarketing for affiliates, therefore, is a complex activity that considers all the variables of an affiliate business. Among the advantages of a Forex affiliate marketing strategy we can count the following:

  • Raising brand awareness
    • As the potential clients/traders keep being contacted and do not unsubscribe from the medium, it means an interest still exists, and chances are in the end they’ll find something attractive for them to sign up
  • Increases the potential of the Forex affiliate program to attract more clients/traders
  • Keeps promoting the Forex broker’s services


To sum up, remarketing is mandatory when building a Forex affiliate business. In fact, it is a constant part of the marketing activity, and it works best when both the affiliate and the brokerage house work together. For instance, the broker may notify the affiliate that the client stopped trading, or he/she lost the account, and a proper remarketing campaign may contain a stimulus to revive trading.

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