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Forex Terminology

Forex Appendix – Forex Definitions: For the purposes of this document, and for an understanding of general industry terms, we have put together a list of terminology definitions: Brokerage = legal entity allowed to open customer accounts and collect customer money. Broker = an employee of the brokerage that is working with a customer. Introducing […]

22 November

Building On The Right Foundation

The internet today is largely driven by developments in mobile technologies as more and more users switch to smartphones and tablets for their browsing and internet use. Local numbers vary from region to region but the global figure for mobile internet in 2015 was over 52% with that figure expected to rise to over 60% […]

2 May

So just how does your brokerage get peace of mind?

Foreign exchange very competitive business The world of online trading has seen exponential growth over the last few years and every day it seems, new brokerage labels are established by brokerage operators looking to break into this hugely profitable market. Hugely profitable it may be but the world of foreign exchange or forex trading is […]

2 May

What Apexum Does To Your Business?

You may be wondering how Apexum is going to help your business? Or you may be interested in partnering with us but don’t exactly understand how this partnership works to help you succeed online with your forex brokerage business. To better understand our business partnerships and business solutions, the following are what we exactly do: […]

2 May

Retention Starts With Your CRM

Expanding currency exchange business With the ever expanding horizons of the internet era we’re entering a new age in marketing. The age of the customer. The world of smart phones, tablets, re-targeting and tracking pixels means our customers are never that far away from us. The flip-side of that particular coin though is that our […]

2 May

Your Payment Processors Letting You Down?

  Your marketing and sales departments have done a great job. Your sign-ups are growing daily and all your platforms are ready for trades. The final stage of your client acquisition is the account funding process. If that let’s you down, all your good work is going to waste. If your clients can’t fund their […]

2 May