Building On The Right Foundation

May 2, 2016

The internet today is largely driven by developments in mobile technologies as more and more users switch to smartphones and tablets for their browsing and internet use. Local numbers vary from region to region but the global figure for mobile internet in 2015 was over 52% with that figure expected to rise to over 60% by the year 2018. Regional specifics apart, if your trading systems aren’t mobile friendly, your missing out on over 50% of your potential client pool.

That’s a big number and certainly not something you can afford to ignore. Client acquisition is already highly competitive and if you’ve excluded half your potential clients through a poor mobile experience, the competition levels just went through the roof.

Some of your potential clients will only ever trade on web-based platforms that don’t require and software downloads and platform installations. That might be from personal preference, security settings or simply due to the use of shared computers. No matter what the reason behind the decision, if you don’t provide a web-based platform, you will experience client drop-off.

Trading forex calls for a very specific set of platform requirements. Nobody wants to have to learn how to use multiple systems, so your traders need to be able to trade the same platform as they would on a desktop device. They need to be able to apply the same kind of trading strategy and methodology on their mobile platform as well as their desktop or web-based platforms. They need to have the same funding and banking options.

In short, trading doesn’t only need to be mobile. It needs to be portable as well and that isn’t a reference to something we can carry. Portable trading means a seamless transition between all platforms your brokerage offers to traders. Be that on a desktop device, browser based or on a mobile device. It needs to be device independent and adapt to your client’s trading habits.

That calls for an integration that connects all the trading platforms for your clients under a single account, allowing your traders to login to their desktop, web or mobile platforms with the same set of login credentials and be presented with a uniform trading layout and interface.

The Apexum system comes with desk-top, web-based and mobile versions of the industry leading MT4 platform bundled as part of our solution. All the platform versions are fully integrated with your front-end website and back-end systems such as the CRM and Affiliate module.

Your traders don’t want to be limited in how and when they can trade. Your payment processors will be integrated with all the various platform versions so your traders are only a click away from funding their accounts. That’s the seamless trade experience your traders demand and that’s the solution your brokerage deserves. We’re proud to say that’s exactly the experience Apexum provides.

There is a difference between setting up a brokerage operation and setting up a profitable brokerage operation. If you’re missing out on that profitable ingredient, maybe it’s time to talk to one of our account managers and see what the proper foundations can do for your business.

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