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What Should Forex Affiliates Pay Attention To When Attracting Clients

June 20, 2019

A successful affiliate program is one that strives to provide the best leads possible. The interest is mutual: an active trader generates commissions for the Forex broker and the broker, on the other hand, rewards the affiliates by splitting some of the generated revenue.

The introducing broker uses digital marketing to promote the brokerage house’s services. However, the affiliate promotion must target specific people so that the chances to have a higher conversion rate increase.

For this reason, the affiliate marketing campaigns focus more on building the right marketing mix surrounding the keywords necessary to attract traders. Areas like “online trading,” “currency trading,” “trading FX,” “Forex,” Forex trading and deviations from these topics are used by the introducing broker to build the campaigns on.

But there is more to the Forex affiliate marketing program than meets the eye. The introducing broker must pay attention to things that are not necessarily related to trading the currency market, but more to how to promote an online business.

After all, running a Forex affiliate program requires, more than anything, digital marketing skills.

The first thing affiliates need to pay attention to is the budget. More precisely, the affiliate promotion budget.  The key is to have a budget that doesn’t exceed the revenue stream.

However, it is a chicken and egg problem, in the sense that when trying to promote the brokerage house’s services for the first time, one needs to invest.

Therefore, planning the available resources makes sense and, like in any business, the amount to be invested needs to generate some cash in a predetermined period. After that, the promotion should use a percentage as an amount budgeted for advertising.

Now that the budget is set, affiliates must decide on how to spend it. The right marketing mix avoids putting all the eggs into one basket doesn’t help, so the idea is to spread the budget in various directions: SEO – Search Engine Optimization strategies (backlinks, blog posts, keywords research and implementation), SEM (Search Engine Marketing), social media (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), email marketing, landing page building, and so on.

A marketing mix like this increases the chances of attracting the right traffic to the online page that redirects or offers direct links to the Forex broker’s page.

So far we’ve listed the budget and the marketing mix as critical elements to focus on when running an affiliate business. But that’s not enough.

To attract the right kind of traffic (i.e., traffic that converts), affiliates must know something about Forex trading. The more, the better, as affiliates, as managers, must understand the business like a regular manager.

Running an affiliate business is all about networking and connections. This is the last and perhaps the most important factor to pay attention too in such an industry.

Trade shows help to connect with fellow affiliates, different brokerage houses and business models, different types of affiliate rewards, and so on. In other words, trade shows are mandatory to remain up-to-date with the latest changes in the industry and stay in close contact with the affiliate network.

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