What is Google AdWords?

June 9, 2016

Google AdWords is a paid marketing system used by marketers to organize advertisements through the Google search engine. It is the most efficient and effective systems because it allows marketers to know the actual results of the advertisement, and to calculate ROI for an ad campaign. Further, it provides a high possibility to reach large numbers of potential customers for the product or service. Meanwhile, traditional marketing methods lack these important characteristics that Google AdWords grant.

The ads in Google Adwords are divided into sections:

Search network

When putting your ad through search network, you are choosing your ad to be shown above or next to the natural or organic search results in Google search engine. It should be noted that the key element of search marketing is the use of the appropriate keywords, which are likely to be used by your potential customers. This allows your product’s ad to appear when these words are used by users.

Display network

It is to place your product Ad Google site partners –those who joined with Google AdSense system-, when browsing them. However, it has a lower response rate than search network. It is highly appreciated when it comes to brand awareness. And it gives you the ability to use images and flash ads unlike search network.

When dealing with AdWords, you need to take into consideration quality score which can reduce your ads cost and gives your ad a better rank between query competitors.
Quality score consists of:
• Landing page quality, you need to have a relevant landing page.
• Account history.
• CTR= Impressions / Clicks.
• Keyword Relevance to your landing page.

Both search network and display network in Google AdWords have different marketing goals. Whether your goal is to reach high numbers of audience “brand awareness”, getting a high numbers of sales, or any other goals such as getting subscription to your site, Google AdWords is what you need.

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