What is Email Marketing?

June 13, 2016

Email Marketing is a technique used in most marketing plans, if not all. When thinking of the term “marketing plan” you remember many things such as SEO, content sites, blogs, etc. you rarely remember the e-mail. However, with the statistics say that the average return on investment (ROI) in the marketing plan by e-mail is 4500%!!!

This means that you can make profit of $4,500 per dollar, at least by working on the email. Is this what is actually happening? Yes, this is what happens because of one reason. The cost of email marketing is almost non-existent.

So every marketer that tries to use this method randomly isn’t a good idea, you need to stay away from using it randomly, because it will give you an opposite effect.

Email marketing is based primarily on four main stages of attraction, conversion, closure and care.

1 – Attractions:

attract people to your site.
E-mail does not play a role in targeting new people, only some statistics and numbers on your site visits the report.

2 – Conversion:

convert the target customer to potential customer.
Conversion stage is the most important stage in your strategy. Because it will control the shape of the existing customers, and to convert their interests to sales in the future.

3 – Closure:

converting a potential customer to an actual client and close the process of selling.
Closure difficulty varies according to each industry and each company. And in many industries it is impossible to complete the closures via email, but this is not the subject of our article. Closure lies in the sales by sending emails to the targeted list.

4 – Care:

building continuing relationship between the company and its customers.
After closing, you need to maintain conversation and relationship between you and the customer, this relationship will force him to talk about you in a good Word of Mouth.

Finally, email marketing can be used to generate sales if it is used effectively, however; it might have a negative effect if it is used as a spam.

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