4 ways to improve news ranking in Google News

June 9, 2016

If your site offers news posts to its visitors, whether it provides, economic, financial, currencies, or even sport news, this article is customized for you. We will explain the most important key elements that improve the rank of your news via Google News. But before that, you need to subscribe to Google News, where google news team will review your application manually. And the most important condition is feeding news section on daily basis.

The following are the most important ways to improve the rank of the news content in Google News:


News Content

The need to post news as they happen since the post date is one of the most important things that enhances ranking in Google News.

Stay away from marketing or promotion

Google News lower news posts that contains promotion message for a product or service offered by your site. So news content must purely consist of news.

Stay away from repetition

It should be noted not to copy the news from other sites and paste it to your site. Google search engine is intelligent enough to judge the original source of news and distinguish it from imitator content. So, it must be a unique and non-duplicated content. And it must give users a better experience.

User-friendly content

Written content must be clear without any spelling errors, and must have a quick load time to appear easily on users’ computers. Additionally, you should take into consideration not using any redirections of the page and thus enhance the experience for the user.

In conclusion, if you want to have a high news rank you should stay away from promotion in news and copied contents. This will help you attract users to your website, increase your visitors and as a result increase your potential customers.

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