3 ways of image optimization

June 9, 2016

Engine search users always look for images like the ones that appear through Google Images search. Therefore, this is another way to attract visitors to your website through images, especially when it appears on Google Images results, as it also might be shown in Google web results on the first page.

Image is one way to improve text quality content, however the search engines may not be able to gain the full meaning of the image itself. It is expected that search engines may have this ability in the near future. For now search engines relies on deriving the meaning of the image through the context of the page where it is displayed, and Meta Tags used, as well as alternative text to describe the image through words which plays a major role in determining its meaning, in addition to title and description.

Alternative text

Or alt tag, it is a customized text that describes the image when it’s not available for viewing by more than one reason, including poor or slow Internet connection that may prevent full page load. It also enables visitors who suffer visual impairments to hear loudly the alternative text that describes the picture on the page. For this reason, many other search engines are interested in alternative text of the image.

Image Tags

Like alternate text in image, other tags are used to help describe the image content such as title and description, providing support information to enhance the meaning of the image with the search engines.

The image file size

There is a high need to use simple file sizes for images in the page so that the visitors who have slow Internet connection can download the content of your page more quickly. This prevents images and they are replaced by alternative text.

All in all, the mentioned above methods are very necessary to improve content quality and to claim a better rank in Google images search results.

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