4 ways to attract competitors’ customers

June 13, 2016

When you start your business, then you will try to search for markets or areas where significant competition has no existence, however; you’ll find that the competition is something inescapable, competition is normal in the business world and it pressures you to invent new methods of promotion to beat your competitors, and here we will give you

some promotional ways that can be used to steal customers from your competitors before they do.


First – targeting competitors customers through Facebook

When you want to promote your product through Facebook it will ask you to select the category that you want to harm, you can choose general interest or customize your ad to be seen by specific category.

Second – beat your competitors Videos

YouTube is the most widely used platform for promotion using the video, where you can spread your ads, the idea here is making a video that explains why customers should use your product rather than other products.

Third – GMAIL ads

E-mail Marketing is a very successful marketing method, what if you managed to use email marketing effectively to reach competitors customers, providing them with better offers than competitors? Your profit will increase aggressively.

Forth – Targeting competitors’ Twitter account followers

There are a number of online tools which enables you to build a report that contains a list of accounts of company followers, you can then build your distinctive statement and share it through Twitter.

At the end you need to know that these ways can easily increase your company’s profit, and increase your competitor intelligence at your industry.


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