4 types of posts must be used on your Facebook page

June 15, 2016

Social networking in general and Facebook in particular has become an essential way to promote products and services over the Internet, there is almost zero companies that don’t have a Facebook page, and the reason is very clear, which is the ability of Facebook to reach millions of users and interact with them. So what kind of posts that you have to post on your company’s page on Facebook? Are these publications limited to company’s products?

Facts and Tips

It is very important to periodically publish kind of scientific facts or tips, preferably in the area of your industry. For example, if your company is specialized in shoes, you need to talk about sport facts, these tips and facts present your company as an expert and professional, it also causes a great interaction with posts and increases the popularity of your page on Facebook to achieve a large number of participating process to know these facts.


Events and news are very important and it attracts a lot of followers, but we do not mean here political news and events, we mean those which are related to the business field you’re working in, for example, suppose you are a specialist in the sales of refrigerators, and Samsung company published news of a new development in cooling technique, you can then publish this news on your page.


Try to attach your posts with pictures as much as possible, since all visual posts shows a significant rise in interaction with images, you can then find more comments, likes and shares of these posts.

Product success stories

Share your product success stories to tell your followers how precious your product is and how easily it could make them happy.

Finally, with these types which are mentioned above you can build a high quality Facebook page that reach a high number of audience.

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