Successful ideas for marketing on Facebook

June 16, 2016

Looking for more ideas to market your goods or services via Facebook? In this article we will share

several of successful ideas for marketing on Facebook.


1. Use pictures in posts

, use pics that attract page fans, and change the cover image more often to promote interaction and public notice by continuous updating.

2. Create a video clip

– Preferably tell a story related to how your product solves problems that customers face and encourage fans to share it.

3. Create a new and not used before on the Internet

, and put it before the end or at the end of the post.

4. Put a small challenge to FB users

, and keep users curios to know the answer of your dilemma post, such as a puzzle game.

5. Conduct competitions

. If the number of fans on your pages are few, then think about an attractive contest. It’s okay to pay a little extra money for the winners.

6. Use public tips

and help them use your product / your services

7. Use short posts.

Little text posts tend to perform better than longer ones – it is recommended to use 100-250 characters. No one is looking to read novels in your News Feed.

8. Ask questions.

Users like to give their voices, and participate in your posts.

9. Fill in the blank tactic.

This tactic stimulates users to comment on your post

10. Like vs. share.

It is a direct method that stimulates consumer engagement and increases your likes and shares.
Facebook pages needs creativity for consumer interaction, some believe that it will happen only through ads, while others believe it is dependent on daily posts.

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