What is social media optimization SMO ?

June 8, 2016

Social media optimization became a famous phenomenon among marketers these days, especially after it proved its efficiency and effectivity when reaching your target market.
Unlike traditional methods of marketing, online marketing through social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, gives you the ability to choose your target market, and it can easily segment users by age, sex, geographic location, work and even personal attention helping you to invest through marketing.

Facebook Marketing

Facebook has two ways of marketing, the free and the paid one. The free method functions through publishing posts on regular basis through your Facebook page. This helps your company reach out to your page fans. On the other hand, you can boost your posts with fund to reach more of your page fans.

Twitter Marketing

Although Twitter posts come with 140 characters, its simple messages are very effective, especially when you write them in a creative way that stimulates users to click on the link included with these messages. In addition, Twitter has a paid method for marketing your site. This will be explained more in later articles.

Linkedin Marketing

Marketing through Linkedin gives you the ability to reach professionals, since its users are most consists of people who are seeking career development or interested in things like entrepreneurship, creation of projects and business in general.

We have talked a little about the ways of marketing through some social networking sites, and we will explain each way of social marketing in more details later. In the end, this type of marketing is considered as the one of the most efficient method, since it has a little cost compared to traditional ways of marketing, and it gives you the ability to calculate ROI return on investment.

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