Sales techniques: Best practices

June 30, 2016

Technology Solutions offer unique challenges in the field of selling. By all means, it’s not like selling any other products or services. We are talking about the technological solutions which most often are more expensive, and require in-depth research in the field of providing distinctive value to the consumer, and this is why it is difficult to be measured in terms of quantity. For these reasons and others, the skills required by sales people vary when it comes to software solutions. Here, we will talk about the most important skills required by sales people in this field.

Emphasize the importance of software solutions in the long run

It is very difficult to clarify the importance of software solutions and calculate the ROI return on investment of it. The challenge here is to clarify the return of using this solution within a specific period. And, to come over this challenge, a deep understanding of client’s needs is essential, especially when linking solutions with the opportunity cost – in the case of non-use the solution- to measure the feasibility of using it.

Identify decision-makers in the company

Knowing the decision-makers in the company is essential and you must include it in your sales strategy in order to deliver the benefits of the purchase of the solution on the long run to these people so they make a purchase of your service or product. The most important characters are:

1. Chief Executive Officer

2. Chief Financial Officer

3. Director of sales and sales team

4. Director of Information Technology and technical support staff

So, it is required for a salesperson to be able to transfer resistance of purchase to a desire to buy the solution through the process of simplification to these people in accordance with their backgrounds.

Focus on technological solution guarantee and after-sales services

The focus on technological solution guarantee and after-sales service is very important. Explain your role in aspects such as install, setup, technical support and staff training in order to promote the solution, especially in the case of use of several parties in the company. Before that, you have to address all the needs of employees to support them, this requires providing all information related to the solution in the first place. Further, you can enhance the reputation of the service process with existing clients’ experience.

Fear of interviews

There are many other concerns when selling technological solutions, especially the fear of personal interviews or face to face interaction. Fear is derived mainly from the frustration by the user, unexpected costs, or the former bad experience with this type of service, which may pose a nightmare for the buyer. These concerns are the main reason to spend a long time in the search process by the buyer. In addition to personal concerns, which vary from one person to another, according to professionalism, personal and intellectual level is another factor.

Therefore, it requires extracting the fundamental interests of the buyer in addition to relying on existing customers to help you to get rid of any concerns, especially when it comes to talking about the support and quality of service.

Data mining of the procurement process

The procurement process is a journey that might take several months, and sometimes years, so there is a need for persistence relationship with the user on the social media platforms such as LinkedIn to start informal talks. Show them the value of your technological solution over time by building power and confidence. Bearing in mind that your customers’ needs may change over time.

In the end, and as other types of solutions, you need to understand buyers’ expectations and concerns in order to confirm ROI on the long-run to different buyers, and to focus on after-sales service to terminate any buyers’ concerns.

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