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Promotions for Affiliates – Where to Begin

June 20, 2019

Affiliates in the Forex industry have multiple options to promote their business. Naturally, they are all connected with the online environment, since a Forex broker mainly attracts clients online.

For an affiliate promotion to be effective, there must be a fine line between expenses and incomes. The generated revenues must exceed the investment in the advertising campaign for an affiliate marketing campaign to make sense.

However, there’s always an initial budget to invest when starting an affiliate business. Ideally, the budget spreads across multiple areas like social marketing, SEM (Search Engine Marketing), SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and so on.

A key point for any affiliates that want to advertise their business to the potential retail traders is to continue to dedicate a part of the income stream to advertising. For instance, just for the sake of offering an example, the monthly affiliate program budget is set to a certain percentage of the generated income, like 8% or 10%.

This way, the introducing broker continues to advertise but not without a plan. Instead, by keeping the advertising expenses tight up to the income stream, the affiliate business grows proportionately, without risking “overheating” and exceeding the budget without generating an income.

The promotional materials used in the advertising campaigns are banners of all types (static, dynamic, etc.) as it is the single most effective way to attract attention to the relevant visitor. However, placing too many banners on a website, landing page or email campaign will end up hurting the affiliate business. As it turns out, pushing too much a sale hurts, so keep things well-proportioned.

For a marketing campaign to be effective, the Forex affiliate program should promote the brokerage house as natural as possible. By natural, it means that it should emphasize the role of the Forex broker in the trading process, being a partner for the retail trader rather than a simple intermediate to the interbank market.

Moreover, the introducing broker should dedicate some time learning about the brokerage house business too. The more the affiliates know the broker, the offering, the technology, and so on, the better.

Ideally, advertising should emphasize the uniqueness of a specific Forex broker. It is quite challenging to come up with something new as a brokerage house, as the competition between brokers is fierce and on the rise.

However, things like the execution technology, the spreads offered, the type of the trading account, or the minimum amount for a deposit, etc., they all can be part of a package that can be successfully promoted.

As for the SEO and SEM, they have a different impact on every business. The impact refers to the time horizon one expects results.

The SEO is like an investment in the long-term viability of a website, landing page, online business, while the SEM focuses on short to very-short-term results. As always, a combination of the two is recommended so that the business grows nicely in time while still producing results at the present time.

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