Pop up ads are they good or bad?

July 14, 2016

Pop ads are advertisements that are displayed in a new browser window. They come in many different shapes and sizes, usually they appear in an independent frame with a small x sign on the corner to close and orders of zoom in and zoom out. Despite their usefulness in marketing, they are extremely uncomfortable for Web visitors. They lead too many users to submit complaints regarding these pop-up ads.

Are this type of advertising going to disappear?

Experts in this area says that despite the fact of anti-activity that emerged against this type of ads, the effectiveness of marketing and marketing results are extremely high and efficient. The possibility of converting visitors into customers are much more greater than any other type of advertising, however, there is a fight against this type of advertising by search engines, because many internet users are closing automatic windows immediately and submit a complaints. Therefore this method has become ineffective and may cause damage to the brand.

Here, it should be noted that there is a development of several special programs that fight against pop-ups, which has become a nightmare to advertisers. These programs prevent any windows from appearing automatically. They became very popular and widely used by users. Thus Pop-ups represent 20% of online advertising now, according to Nielsen analyzes

In the end, the windows will completely disappear from the Internet during the subsequent years, regardless of their benefits to advertisers. They will become less prevalent over time, because of the damage that might affect the brands which may lead to negative results on the brand. It is expected that these windows will become part of the history of the Web.

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