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Partnership with a Forex Broker – Tips for Promotion

June 20, 2019

The decision to associate with a Forex broker is essential for the wannabe introducing broker. While the broker’s offering is important, it is equally important to have a plan for the affiliate promotion, or how to succeed in attracting clients for the broker.

The beauty of any affiliate marketing system is that it works in the mutual benefit of both the brokerage house and the introducing broker. The introducing broker will get paid for each introduced trader while the broker will make a commission from the trader’s market activity.

How to Promote an Affiliate Program

All affiliate businesses take place in the online environment. Therefore, it is vital for the introducing broker to have a strong online presence so to introduce as many clients as possible.

It all starts with the website. It needs to have white hat ongoing SEO (Search Engine Optimization) so that the search engines like Google or Yahoo do not penalize the domain.

At least one blog is mandatory. The blog is the window to the world and acts as a landing page for desired keywords.

Promoting the website effectively means the promotion of the Forex affiliate program. A smart move is for the introducing broker to build a keywords strategy as part of the Forex affiliate marketing strategy.

Relevant keywords should refer to the trading field, like currency trading, profit from market moves, what is a currency pair, Forex trading, and so on. Long-tail keywords resonate more with what the search engines are looking after, so the introducing broker should not be afraid to use them.

As a tip, look for building posts to highlight low-competition keywords, so to avoid competing against the brokerage house itself. The Google keywords planner, for instance, is an excellent tool for finding such keywords.

Another way to promote the website, and implicitly the affiliate program, is to build high-quality backlinks. Backlinks are appreciated by search engines as it means the website become more and more popular.

Unfortunately, building them is not an easy part. However, white-hat techniques point to exchanging links with other website owners (simply send an email inquiry and proposal), but also building profiles on various platforms and including the website link there.

Any backlink must have an anchor text. The anchor should reflect the keywords strategy mentioned earlier, but avoid the same keywords. For example, if one of the targeted keywords is “Forex trading”, an appropriate anchor to point to the website might be “currency trading”.


We’ve presented here the healthiest way to build and promote the affiliate businesses by promoting the online page. The disadvantage is that it takes a lot of time to build organic traffic that converts, but once there, the potential is huge.

To help with the process, look to outsource much of the SEO work as there are plenty of freelancers ready to do the work. However, it will increase the costs, hence decrease the potential income generated by the introducing broker’s activity.

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