Maximizing Your Client Acquisition Starts From Your Sign-up Pages

May 2, 2016

Sign-up forms are more than just an entry point for people to trade with your brokerage. Sign-up forms are the start of your client acquisition and retention funnels as well. A well designed sign-up form should follow an information flow which maximizes the number of sign-ups but also maximizes the quality of your sign-ups as well. Yes, to succeed you need a steady flow of leads coming into your systems, but you need these leads to be quality as well as quantity.

What do we mean by quality? Well take for example a sign-up form which doesn’t use any kind of verification process. You might get a bunch of sign-ups but if your registration process isn’t verifying the lead details such as email address and phone number, then you may well end up with leads you have no way of contacting, clutter up your CRM or even worse, land you in hot water with CAN-SPAM and crash your email deliverability rates.

The design and flow of your sign-up process will also determine to a very high degree what kind of drop-off numbers you get for your form registrations. Drop-off happens when your registration process asks for too much initial input from potential clients, input which calls for information they may not have at hand (copies of id for example) or information they may not feel comfortable with entering into a first contact type of registration process.

Splitting your sign-ups into steps goes a long way to cutting down the drop-off numbers. For example, starting the process by asking for simple contact details such as email address and telephone number, with additional information requirements in subsequent steps, ensures that even if the potential sign-up doesn’t complete the whole process, you have the information necessary to contact them and walk them through the rest of the sign-up process.

If you are verifying the email address (which you should be doing for any potential spam issues anyway), then you have a double opt-in contact which can be upsold to on their verified email address. Do the same kind of telephone verification and your sales and retention teams will have quality leads to contact and your conversion rates will sky-rocket.

At Apexum we take the details very seriously and one of those details is your sign-up process. We’ve created and optimized 100’s of forms across a variety of broker setups. We have the statistics to back-up what we do for our broker clients and we have the technologies to maximize your retention figures in the shape of our custom CRM system.

If you want to see how we can help, talk to one of our on-boarding experts about optimizing the flows from your sign-ups. You’ll be amazed at the difference we can make.

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