Marketing through Pinterest, Best practices

June 20, 2016

This article increases your understanding of internet marketing especially through Pinterest, and it shows you the best practices. We will also show you here

how to promote your service or product through this website.

First, you need to put your strategy

So before you start setting up the page, you need to set goals that you want to reach after using Pinterest, such as increasing the number of visits to your site, or increase customer interaction, and the way you have to determine the images you want to publish, as well as presentations.

Second, you need to innovate

Stimulating and inspiring people through your posts will absolutely help you to increase interaction on the company site, and the most appropriate way for more distribution for your posts is by dividing them into categories:
40% of your posts stimulating users to make a purchase decision, by publishing offers.
40% of your posts are responsible of spreading awareness about your product, or service.
20% of your posts are for brand awareness.

Third, you need to use Pinterest correctly

So you need to be sure that each post contains the right title and description for the image, and you have to put Pinterest Plugin in your site so that your clients find you easily on Pinterest and follow your page.

Fourth, interact with others

The interaction with others enhances your presence on the site and stimulate others to interact with your company’s posts. You’ll also need to use Hashtags in order to enhance the appearance of your publications on the site through Pinterest search.

Fifth you need to enrich your content

You need to add videos and images, in addition to educational lectures that explains your products or services.

In the end, there are still many sites that appear day after day, and that helps you, as an entrepreneur, to publish your company’s name, or your product in the internet and social media, which are the first choice for marketers, especially for products that interact directly with the end consumer.

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