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How to Choose the Best Affiliate Promotions for Different Traffic Types

June 20, 2019

Forex trading attracts people from all industries due to the tremendous increase in popularity in recent years. One doesn’t need to be a trader to make a profit, but only associated with the industry.

Because of that, promoting the services of a Forex broker is sometimes even more lucrative than trading financial markets. The markets spend a lot of time in consolidation and trading takes a lot of time.

While rewarding, it doesn’t appeal to everyone due to the high associated risks. Some people find it stressful, chaotic, unreliable, and subject to luck rather than knowledge.

If deciding that trading is not suitable for you, becoming an introducing broker is a good way to earn some extra bucks. However, there are a couple of conditions, like having your own online business to use for promotion or to know how to attract different traffic types.

Organic Traffic

The most expensive type of traffic to funnel when running a Forex affiliate program, organic traffic provides the best alternative for attractive new, hot, leads. By leads, affiliates refer to people with a genuine interest in trading financial markets.

Because a brokerage house doesn’t offer anymore only currency pairs, but also give access to other markets  (e.g. ETF’s, CFD’s, commodities, indices, etc.), the focus of an affiliate shifts from currency trading only, to trading in general. After all, the principle remains the same, right? Buy cheap and sell expensive.

The biggest disadvantage of organic traffic is the relative high costs compared with the returns. Affiliate businesses need a quick income, meaning their leads must convert asap.

Organic traffic doesn’t have this quality. While expensive, it converts slowly, and that’s the reason why most affiliates avoid it. However, that’s a big mistake as always a part of the affiliate marketing budget must go to this part.  

Paid Traffic

In this category, we include the search engines paid traffic. All major search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing), have paid options.

Against a fee, anyone can promote their online business to a targeted audience. The best way to advertise is to strictly define the person you want to reach with the advertising campaign.

For this reason, setting the advertising campaign is a critical step in the success of a paid campaign to attract traffic to an affiliate business.

The affiliate promotion to attract traffic via paid search campaigns suffers from tough competition from an unexpected source: brokerage houses.

Paid traffic is a major source of traffic for most brokerage houses and for this reason the cost-per-click metric of classic keywords that convert is quite high. Hence, the affiliates will have a hard time competing with a much bigger business, with vast resources and dedicated departments to run their marketing campaigns.

Social Traffic

A cheaper solution to both the previous ways of promoting the affiliate business, social traffic doesn’t cost a time as long as it grows organically. If in need for growing the followers rapidly, paid solutions exist on social media platforms too.


To sum up, affiliates must balance the budget in such a way to mix the organic, paid and social media traffic for having the biggest impact on conversion rates.

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