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How to Attract the Audience of Beginners on Forex

June 20, 2019

As the Internet penetrates more and more our day-to-day lives, people from all corners of the world start trading online. Because every Forex broker advertises on pretty much all media that allows it, it is complicated as an adult to not know what Forex trading is and how online trading goes.

Brokerage houses spotted the opportunity and invested heavily. In time, the weak ones disappeared, as a true Forex broker spends in both attracting new customers and retaining old ones.

Speaking about customers, or retail traders, it is not enough to convince a trader to open an account and commit some funds. In fact, that’s not complicated at all, as the retail community mostly views trading as just another way to make an extra buck.

The real challenge is to find active traders, ones that will actively generate commissions on an ongoing basis. However, statistics tell us that the retail community has a hard time making money trading currencies online.

In fact, only about five percent of the retail traders manage to hold on their five deposit. Moreover, if one looks at the disclaimer on the front page of any Forex broker, the losing percentage that belongs to retail traders is enormous.

For this reason, a big part of a brokerage house marketing budget goes into attracting new people to the trading table. Or, beginners.

However, that’s the same challenge the affiliates have, so the game is on between affiliates and Forex brokers to attract beginners to open an account and trade on the currency market.

How to Attract Beginners on Forex

Using an affiliate promotion program, an introducing broker has bigger chances to find new leads by investing in trading education programs. Therefore, educational articles about trading the currency market should be a constant presence on every affiliate website aiming to introduce traders to a brokerage house.

Moreover, the trend now is to build comprehensive trading academies, that present everything on currency trading: from the basics of technical and fundamental analysis to simple and advanced trading strategies and concepts.

This way, traders get caught in the mystery and beauty of online trading and, in time, get involved.

To obtain the hot lead (at least the email address, if not the first and last name too), affiliates install plugins on their WordPress websites that allow traders to interact with other traders via comments on articles, forums, or even interacting with moderators that work for the introducing broker.

Because it is a genuine interest from leads generated this way, it is more likely for the lead to convert by the time it reaches the Forex broker’s website.

Forex education attracts traders of all kinds. From wannabees to traders that recently failed and want to try again, everyone finds something new and exciting to learn. The subject itself is so vast that hundreds and hundreds of topics are typical for a regular trading academy.

Last but not least, one of the newest affiliate tips is to incorporate video courses explaining how to take a trade, what is the bid and ask price, what is a pip, but also building the foundation for technical and fundamental analysis.

A Forex affiliate marketing program should not underestimate the constant desire of people to learn. And that’s a great place to invest in finding beginners’ leads.

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