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Forex Affiliate Marketing – Attracting Forex Audience with the SMM Channel

June 17, 2019

SMM or Social Media Marketing is an essential component of today’s marketing efforts of an affiliate business to generate relevant, high-quality leads. Like it or not, the social media is part of our everyday lives, and its influence is growing by the day.

The last few years saw the social media companies developing advertising arms for businesses to present their products and services to the right clients. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and so on, allow targeted advertisement based on various criteria like:

  • geographical location
  • age and sex
  • interests
  • type of followers

In other words, one can set up an affiliate marketing campaign to run commercials on an SMM channel based on strict criteria.

For instance, an advertisement for the services of a Forex broker might target traders from a particular country, of a certain age, having an interest in Forex trading and following business and trading related news.

The ideal affiliate promotion campaign uses multiple SMM channels to attract clients. An introducing broker, therefore, splits the advertising budget into the various channels it intends to use.

Let’s use Facebook and Twitter as examples. Both offer ample advertising possibilities, with the opportunity of targeting niche customers.

After all, retail Forex traders are a niche, and the campaigns must be structured in such a way to attract as many of them as possible. Just like when structuring the content of a Forex blog, the advertising campaign on an SMM channel must start from the keywords structure.

More precisely, the interests that these people have. Examples are:

  • online trading
  • investing
  • foreign exchange
  • how to trade Forex
  • learn to trade
  • trading currencies

An introducing broker also must have a constant presence on all social media platforms popular among retail traders. For instance, on Twitter, the FinTwitt community is extremely popular and extended, with the audience ranging from professionals to wannabe traders and people that study economic trends out of curiosity.

All those people have a keen interest in markets, therefore in trading. By keeping an active presence on the social media platforms and connecting with these people, the chances increase to attract them to the landing page/website where to convert them in affiliate traffic.

The beauty of social media is that it allows scheduled posting. In other words, an introducing broker doesn’t have to sit in front of the computer for the entire day and post on the SMM channels.

Instead, the posting can be scheduled and automatically posted on the timeline at the proper time, to make the most significant possible impact.

Hashtags play a crucial role in attracting natural views/traffic to a social media platform. Thus, affiliates must pay particular attention to trending topics as well as getting familiar with the latest trending hashtags.


A social media presence is a must. The more the Forex affiliate program insists on it, the better, as the SMM channels have a substantial impact on any online business in generating the right amount of traffic.

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