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Different Types of Promotions for Affiliates

June 20, 2019

Running an affiliate business requires a lot of attention to details. While it does seem like less work and a lot of revenue, in reality, it is a tough business with plenty of competition around.

Everyone wants to make money online, and a simple Internet search will tell you that affiliates do achieve that. An affiliate program, though, has many particularities that require strategic marketing for the Forex market.

Just like Forex trading is so competitive, so does the promotion of it. For this reason, affiliate marketing is a stand-alone business meant to help brokers reaching more and more traders.

There are many ways through which affiliates can promote their business as an introducing broker, and it all depend on the strategy to attract people through the affiliate program. Here are a few ways to do that:

  • Build a landing page
    • Landing pages are a great way to attract leads, hot and cold ones. The best way to go is to promote the landing page based on predetermined keywords (keywords searching using Google’s Keyword Planner). Using the affiliate link provided by the Forex broker, affiliates can track the introduced traders, what they did, when and if they funded a live account, if they opened a demo account, and so on.
  • Blog on websites
    • Writing articles about the broker’s offering, highlighting the advantages of Forex trading is a great way to attract traffic through the search engines and to build the Forex affiliate program. Moreover, blogging improves the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) performance of the website, attracting even more visitors in the future
  • Email marketing
    • Building an email list is one way to keep in contact with traders. Sending emails nowadays is a strategy in itself, with plenty of customization possible. The sender now has the tools to see who opens the emails, at what time, at what region in the world, and can target the next email with an offer of a broker that suits best the trader.
  • Build reviews of various brokers to introduce
    • Before opening a trading account, people would like to be informed about the offering, conditions, spreads, trading account types, the technology used, regulation, and all kind of things. Reviews are useful because it is easier for the affiliates to include the links to track then the potential traders.
  • Use social media
    • Social media is part of our day-to-day life and a great channel to spread the word about a broker’s offer. Twitter or Facebook are great examples of social media channels with great reach. Either through constant posting (posts can be scheduled, so there’s no need to spend all day in front of the computer) or simply promoting the content, affiliates can attract a lot of interest from social media users.

These are just a few ways that should be part of any Forex affiliate marketing program. In the 21st century, with the online trading industry growing bigger and bigger, growing an affiliate business is both challenging and rewarding. Finding the right way to promote the business is key to future success.

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