How to avoid bad hiring decisions?

July 13, 2016

All employers want to fill vacancies with best candidates. Who are liable to improve productivity and achieve goals, and reduce the costs associated with absenteeism. So,

how can you make sure that you are recruiting the best candidates?

The simple answer is: do not use hiring employee. Instead, use employee selection approach.

Most people do not know the difference between hiring employees and employee selection. This lack of distinction leads to problems, such as high turnover rate and low productivity.

Hiring employees is the process by which you review the CVs of the applicants, and then select some candidates, interview them and then explain the job to them. This process seems intact. However, there are big problems with this method.

Why hiring processes fail?

The biggest problem with the recruitment process is that it relies on general questions that fail to reach the person’s actual ability to do the job.

For example, the question about the strengths and weaknesses of a person does not reflect his ability to do something. People have been trained on how to answer these questions. By the way how do you know the good answer?

A Research shows that this method of recruitment is less effective than employee selection – which means selecting a knowledgeable people to fill a vacant work- and it also includes additional costs in addition to the time needed for re-employment of people for the same vacancy. This leads to reduced productivity, and increased employment costs associated with absenteeism.

In the end, and despite the fact that the selection process is better compared to the traditional method, the problem is that it is not necessary for someone who has succeeded in a similar position to also succeed in this position, because of the difference in work environment and the atmosphere in general.

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