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May 9, 2017

Merchant account setup

Apexum helps ensure efficient, secure, transparent international payment processing. Whether a broker is seeking to operate financially offline, online or mobile, any financial transfer can be processed through Apexums merchant account with high grade security and compliance, regardless of the company’s size. In addition to large scale commercial chains and medium-sized companies, we also cater to smaller organizations seeking confident services such as risk management or support.

Pre-integrated & tested solutions

  • Pre-integrated and tested solution with multiple payment gateways.
  • Providing seamless payment processing for brokers and traders.

Risk management

  • Reduce payment defaults; increase sales and profit
  • Solution for adopting multiple payment options to offer brokers and the maximum amount to which a particular payment is justifiable. As fraud cases differ, Apexum individually adapt PSP solutions to meet the specific requirements of a brokerage.


  • Accept payments worldwide, securely, transparently and efficiently
  • Cost-effective and transparent. Pre-integrated into Apexum technology suite and PSP gateways, streamlining brokers processes.

Mobile payment

  • Enable cashless payment for everyday traders, through a merchant account that provides mobile accepting technology.
  • Guarantee secure data and payment transfer, with multi-currency and multilingual system connections.
  • Offer your traders increased payment convenience.

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