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May 9, 2017


Apexum supports any business models and processes desired within a broker, providing multiple jurisdiction and currency specific features to suite any financial industry worldwide. Apexum develops a solution that is tailored to specific needs, fulfills the highest standards of security, a PSP which is economical and can be integrated seamlessly. Apexum offers a broad spectrum of credit card acceptance contracts, banking services and innovative prepaid products.

Global connectivity

Connected to over 350 acquiring banks and PSP worldwide. Apexum operates all on-boarding procedures, allowing brokers to operate payments reliably and efficiently.

Instinctive back office

Built to operate and maintain entire payment strategy, multiple integration, platforms and PSP’s with a supportive back office system

Rapid integration

Pre-integrated API with multiple local and global payment methods and technology, allowing a broker to accommodate  traders payment preferences by Geo-location and language.

Treasurer friendly

PCI DSS secured payment gateway portal, fully built to your brand’s design and user experience, thanks to Apexums flexible technology.

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