Risk management

May 31, 2017



  • Revolutionary technology empowering concurrent (Abook) / non-concurrent (b-book) and hedging competency. Flexibility of configuration across individual pairs, authorizing white label acquirers the capability market risk assessment and management.
  • Margin risk management solutions built in capability of automated margin calls to every client providing high degree of ability in managing leverage and risk assessment.
  • Institutional and prime risk management focusing on variety of position limits (aggregated, NOP , netted).


  • Selective leveled permissions and compliance across multiple locations and business units to facilitate and maintain integrity:
  • Internal control activities: segregation of duties (sod), establishment of responsibility
  • System access control
  • Record retention
  • Back-up/contingency



  • Operated in international standards of financial transparency.
  • Anti-money laundering (AML)
  • Know your customer (KYC) processes are a central part of all client management.
  • Middle office and back office teams

  • Ability to meet cash flow obligations,
  • Monitoring, assessing and securing:
  • Internal reports
  • Prudential reports
  • Market reports.

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